Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mendocino & Fort Bragg Cliffs

The Five Things

Thought of doing this FUN piece.


1. Mirrors - I have 3 huge ones.. but doesnt cant have enuf.

2. Books - I love curling up with a good book . My style is usually fiction, thrillers or travelogues

3. Photos/ Pictures - As I do Photography when I dont do anything else, you will find lots n lots of pictures of people dear to me and things I like in my room.

4. Softie Toys - Yeh there is still that girl in me that refuses to grow up.

5. A Dresser full of Accesories - yeh I am a junkie


1. MINTS - You never know when u need to get fresh.

2. LIP GLOSS - Must for every gal.

3. PEN DRIVE/ HDD - If I am getting too fancy about something.

4. CAMERA - I know this should have been at #1 , but I dont carry it all the time, esp on a dance floor

5. EARRINGS - Will find a spare or two always.




3. HARDLY ANY CASH _ I dont like to carry cash after LA DOwntown days are over

4. Photos of my Mum & Dad - Love you

5. Business Cards

San Juan Islands

The beautiful San Juan Islands are located about one hour ferry ride from the port of Anacortes. Anacortes is about 2.5 hours drive from Seattle, WA. We started off with quite dreary weather in Seattle full of rains. After 2.5 hours of battling with rains, Anacortes greeted us with pleasant surprise and a sunny smile.

We decided to take our car on this giant ferry which is run by the Government of Washington at very reasonable prices. The ferry ride was decent with huge windows overlooking the neighbouring islands of Orcas. This island is famous for Orcas sighting. But our destination was Friday Harbour @ San Juan Islands, the biggest of them all. I would certainly recommend this place for a romantic getaway as well as some quality family time.

San Juan islands have rich flora and fauna. People mainly come here for quaint sunsets and whale watching. But the beauty of the flowers in this region equally impressed us.

We saw some distinct wildflowers on a trail running close to the coastline. The island faces Canada on one side of its coast line. The entire island is about 74 sq miles and can be covered in one day.

The sighting of this deer really made us one happy Mother - Daughter :)

We then headed to Lime Klin Point and San Juan County Park. The ocean views are splendid from this point as the coast curves and also provides close views of Victoria BC. The light house at this point was one of the highlights of the trip and we were lucky enough to spot some whales on that day.

San Juan has quite a history associated with it. During the World Wars, both English and Americans occupied sections of this islands and made it into their camps. Today these sites are known as American Camp and English Camp and are quite a historical landmark. They make us reflect on the life people led during those times, their shelters, the role of their wives in the clan culture and the beautiful vegetation gardens. I couldnt help but notice the subtle differences between the architecture and landscaping of both the camps. I do have to say I liked the English camp more for its proximity to the ocean, the beautiful white houses and the exquisite flower garden.

Mom made some friends on our way. (clearly language is no barrier for her! She Rocks!)

Trails like these are abundant in San Juan and somehow make you tune out everything and enjoy in this peaceful heaven.

Lastly we stopped for some coffee / icecream at Friday Harbor before boarding the ferry. The local artist performing at this cosy cafe gave lot of personal touch to this place.

I will definitely consider buying a Vacation Home here.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 things to do before 30

I am just 25! But its never early to have things to strike off the list ..Not necessarily in the given order

* Travel to various parts of India (with family)

* Explore Amazon Rain Forest

* Run a half marathon & marathon

* Learn how to swim/surf

* Make someone smile :)

* Have a successful photoblog
PinkAngel Photography

* Learn one foreign language

* Drive(Own) a Lexus/ 370Z / Infiniti /Convertible?

* Live in the City ! (SF)

* Develop a Mobile Application

* Get one certification
I am a certified ScrumMaster

* Take up Tennis/Kickboxing.

* Come up with atleast one innovative lucrative idea and implement it

* Find someone special (soulmate ? :)) - Hari

* Be more spiritual

* Europe Backpacking

* Buy real estate

* Make Lemon Meringue

* Write a poem

* Make an ambigram

* Volunteer/Donate to a charity
American Cancer Society - Daffodil Days

* Take up biking

* Do bungee jumping/zip lining

* Go to Hawaii/ Maldives

* Be Green

* Take up Belly Dancing/HipHop lessons

* Do one selfless good deed a week

* Inspire someone

* Do a walkabout

* Cook a 5 course meal for 2 !

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Poem :)

I am waiting…

Sometimes I feel trapped

in a deep web of my life

come get me out before I sink

Come ..coz I m waiting for U

I will break the shackles

just to hear your cadent voice

to see u smile that beatific smile

to feel the tender touch of your finger

I will break free from this cruel world

come get me out before I sink

Come ..coz I m waiting for U

Don’t want u to be mine if u wish so

n I don’t mind waiting till eon

that is time when two souls unite

Attraction to a body may be temporal

but attraction to a soul is eternal

come get me out before I sink

Come ..coz I m waiting for U

Sometimes I feel trapped

in a deep web of my life

come get me out before I sink

Come ..coz I m waiting for U

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The City!

Never stops fascinating me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This was in a creamery at Manhattan Beach in LA!